My First Movie Role… and it’s a GOOD One!

I am thrilled to share that I was cast in a supporting role in the movie “Choices” as real-life character “Keith Sulzbaugh” which was shot in March and April of 2017. This screenplay is based on the autobiography by Ron James. Release date is set for January 2018.

What a terrific experience this was! I’ve always felt it within me to have a considerable grasp at acting so this was a dream come true. I’m happy that I had considerable dialogue and scenes in the film too. VERY anxious to see the finished film for sure and share with all of my friends, fans and family.

CHOICES is an inspiring faith-based film based on the life of Ronald James. The film chronicles his emotional, heartfelt, amusing, and thought-provoking journey through his personal battles, decisions, and the consequences that led him to pay the ultimate price with his life and time. CHOICES is a compelling, inspirational autobiography feature film that shares life-changing wisdom for anyone who wants to begin making better choices today.


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