Listening Now: Kenny Burrell “Bluesey Burrell” with Coleman Hawkins

Give me vinyl… just GIVE ME VINYL! Back in my high school days I was well known for spinning lots of vinyl at various school functions. Remember now, this was in the “pre compact disc” days and VINYL was the medium of choice. I still love it and it sounds better than ever these days.

Recently I picked up a NEW vinyl pressing of a jazz artist I have grown to be a huge fan of… Mr. Kenny Burrell… jazz guitarist extraordinaire. I have become quite the afficianado of vinyl re-issues in the past couple of years. Some, unfortunately, are total crap and sound horrific… due to great lack of care for this very masterful process.

“Bluesey Burrell”, on the other hand, completely shines and every sweet nuance laid down on tape back in 1962 at Rudy Van Gelder’s studio in New Jersey (it still blows my mind of the sonic excellence Mr. Gelder yielded from that small studio) totally sings. Simply incredible.

This re-release was treated with the utmost love and care by the fine people at Quality Record Pressings located in Kansas right here in the USA. I can’t help but go on and on about the technical aspect of their re-issues since I am indeed a geek when it comes to the manufacturing process. Pressed to 200-gram super-quality vinyl that is amazingly quiet, and the packaging… well they didn’t give in to cheap materials here either. Simply gorgeous, heavy stock. And let’s not forget they used the original master tapes!

Anyway… about the music! Here’s a bit of a listen… this track is titled “Tres Palabras”.

Totally perfect for relaxation, this album includes 7 fine tracks (not short tunes by any means, plenty of great listening) with the legendary¬†Coleman Hawkins providing terrific saxophone work throughout alongside Kenny’s wonderful jazz electric 6-string.

I’ve obviously become a big fan in the past year, and if you love some sometimes swingin’… yet sometimes smooth and easy classic instrumental jazz with a tastefully light touch, this one is a winner.

And of course, I highly recommend it on vinyl if you are set up for it. Get exactly what I got direct from Analogue Productions right here.

It IS available on Amazon MP3 and I am sure iTunes as well (along with MY OWN recordings!). ENJOY!


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