John Eric Booth – Biography

Enjoying critical acclaim in December 2018 for his “Christmastime Is Here” music video from the 2017 album “Yule Be Lovin’ This!” along with unveiling a sparkling new and improved website, John Eric Booth was already developing a strategy for the coming year.

It was clearly time to take things up a few notches as far as he was concerned.

As of this writing on March 14, 2019, the new year is already a shining one for John Eric Booth. The launch of a long overdue album project was in full motion, a 10-track collaboration between two continents… his home studio in West Virginia and the studio of his co-producer Damien Montalto in Australia.

“My best album ever is unfolding. Great songs. Real strings and our own arrangements from the ground up. It’s very exciting. It was time to change directions just a bit and shine on some appreciation for such artists as Engelbert Humperdinck, Andy Williams, Dean Martin, Nat King Cole and a few other surprises thrown in. But each recording includes my own flair applied. We’re having a ball recording it.”

The yet to be titled album is slated for a fall 2021 release… with the distinct possibility of being available on vinyl as well. A standout goal for J-E-B.


Another fine development was the birth of his website “Crooner’s Kitchen”. Being an avid and accomplished “culinary zealot” as he mentions, Booth’s love for cooking began years ago thanks to the guidance of his mother Patricia.

He shared that around middle 2018 he began sharing photos of his cooking through his music artist Instagram and just on a lark, began using cooking related hashtags. A variety of food-related professionals… chefs, food bloggers and restaurants began following me and making positive comments. VERY unexpected he added.

“I dreamed up this concept idea a couple of years ago and then I just sat on it. But in late 2018, I was receiving a mentoring session via phone with Mark Sudock, creator and host of the nationally syndicated “The Sinatra Songbook” radio program. I mentioned the show idea just in passing and he strongly urged me to run with it. I shared the idea more recently with a few other respected folks and they went nuts over it! So, I went to work.”


As an entertainer, J-E-B describes himself as more of a Dean Martin personality. “I take my performance very seriously, but I can be a goof at the same time. I love entertaining my audience with music AND my sense of humor,” he says.

While old-school values also greatly influence him as a person, he emphasizes that in the aspect of music it is paramount to embrace modern flair. This allows him, as an artist who sings classic music, to reach younger audiences. “Kids need this now more than ever!”

Getting messages from a new fan about how his music has touched their lives is a pulse that keeps him going Booth mentions. “It impacts me positively on a variety of personal levels and constantly enriches my life by making a difference in others. I consider it quite an accomplishment to have gained avid fans from far away countries such as Hungary, Germany, Ireland, Japan Sweden and England.”

J-E-B considers entertaining his fans as his greatest indulgence as a singer. He says his fans are the spring that propel him to higher musical levels and visions.

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