“Swinging The Songbook” 2011 Los Angeles Show Revisited

It was 2011. Through a series of events, I found myself putting plans into place to organize a concert date in a venue “far far away”, and minus throwing a dart at a map of Los Angeles… the destination wound up being The Mint. I knew NOTHING about it. Never been there. In it’s day […]

J-E-B Single “Will It Go Round In Circles” Released!

The J-E-B camp is excited to announce the release of his cover recording of the 1973 Billy Preston hit “Will It Go Round In Circles”! With instrumental parts recorded in various venues for the past 4.5 years… including trumpets and saxophones in bandleader Pat Longo’s home office in Valley Glen, CA, a church in Wayne, […]

Jazz Guitarist Martin Majorov On “Yule Be Lovin’ This!”

It’s quite incredible how paths can cross. There is NO DOUBT in my mind greater powers play a big hand in our fates and existence… people whom are placed in our paths for example. There is no doubt, musicianship is a brotherhood (and sisterhood) and no matter where in the world you live, or what […]

“Yule Be Lovin’ This!” Swings Into The Christmas Season!

AVAILABLE NOW! I’ve been asked repeatedly “When are you gonna record a Christmas album?” Believe it or not, Christmas albums are often recorded in the middle of summer… can you believe that? So, I’ve pulled some powers-that-be together and amazingly will be able to release my very first Christmas album, cleverly titled “Yule Be Lovin’ […]

J-E-B Album Project Is Officially Launched!

The untitled new John Eric Booth album, his first in over 7 years, has kicked off. After crowdfunding efforts launched a few months ago, work has begun in both Damien Montalto’s home studio in Australia and in J-E-B’s home studio near Huntington, WV. This is a very exciting time! “The songlist has finally been cooked […]

John Eric Booth Performs With Huntington Symphony

A pristine June night along the Ohio River provided a perfect backdrop as the Huntington Symphony Orchestra opened its 2017 Picnic with the Pops summer concert series in June at Harris Riverfront Park. “There’s nothing like singing with an orchestra. It’s just the ultimate.” J-E-B was clearly enjoying a 50-piece orchestra under the direction of […]

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