Oak Martinez Anyone? Cocktail Time At The Compound

My dear friend Jake and I often get together at either his home or mine to enjoy fellowship, terrific old jazz vinyl, and a beverage or two (or three). I suppose if cigars were to become part of the evening, we'd be

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Listening Now: ABC – “The Lexicon Of Love Part II”

ABC and I go WAY back. Their breakthrough "The Lexicon Of Love" album from 1982 put them on the map with amazing arrangements, terrific lyrics by the singer Martin Fry (he received a literature degree in college, and it

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FACT: Your Crooner Is A Bonafide HiFi Vinyl Junkie

Some of you might relate to this. And fact is, I enjoy sharing my hobbies, interests and passions with my fans. This rediscovered interest of mine has brought me a lot of fun and joy the past 2 years. So... here we

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21 Gentlemanly Traditions That Still Apply Today

When I wrote this article about a year ago, it involved a bit of research. Fortunately the majority of these important facts were already engrained within me, but without a doubt a learned a great deal and often go back

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