J-E-B Album Project Is Officially Launched!

The untitled new John Eric Booth album, his first in over 7 years, has kicked off. After crowdfunding efforts launched a few months ago, work has begun in both Damien Montalto’s home studio in Australia and in J-E-B’s home studio near Huntington, WV. This is a very exciting time!

“The songlist has finally been cooked down to 10 great songs. It was hard to pick! And the album direction changed significantly as well due to more recent musical influences which I am in fact very excited about.” Booth shared. “I’ve been listening to a lot of Engelbert Humperdinck the past few months. What a terrific catalog, and what an inspiration he has been to me. How did I miss this the past 7 years?” Booth chuckled.

Other artists along with Humperdinck influencing the production include Tom Jones, Glen Campbell, Andy Williams and Dean Martin. “I’m stepping back a bit from the Great American Songbook this time around, but man have we got some terrific songs and production to share. I feel compelled to pay homage to what I refer to as “the modern crooners”. I’m sure you’ll recognize many of the songs, as well as a few you haven’t perhaps, but will LOVE.”

“We needed to make a few changes to our production process for the sake of speed and efficiency… and I wanted to get this rolling! Damien and I will work from different continents during the recording process. We’ll share project tracks and mastermind by phone… sometimes even simultaneously working in realtime. It’s pretty cool. I’ll bring in musicians here when neccesary and so will he. I’ve really improved my home studio considerably recently to make this happen.”

J-E-B also shared that when it comes time to mix the album, either he will travel to Australia to participate, or his co-producer Damien Montalto will travel here. “We really can do it either way. Locally we’ll just rent a studio and bring in our finished session tracks to mix in a good room.”

This project was successfully launched as a result of fanfunding efforts. We are grateful to a handful of fans for their kind sponsorships. YOUR help, if you can, is greatly appreciated! Click here for more information.

Stay tuned for more updates on this long overdue project.

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