Jazz Guitarist Martin Majorov On “Yule Be Lovin’ This!”

It’s quite incredible how paths can cross. There is NO DOUBT in my mind greater powers play a big hand in our fates and existence… people whom are placed in our paths for example.

There is no doubt, musicianship is a brotherhood (and sisterhood) and no matter where in the world you live, or what your native language is… music brings us together in this wonderful universal language. Instant rapport.

I made a Twitter post recently, using a variety of hashtags like I have grown so accustomed to. It’s always fun to see what the new result is regarding any new folks out there. I make a variety of posts on both Twitter and Instagram, involving my interests such as cooking, music, vinyl records and more recently, a little home bartending and libation creation.

And then it happened… John Eric Booth, meet Martin Majorov. Thank you Twitter.

Martin Majorov is a jazz guitarist, musician and composer based at the moment in Vilnius, Lithuania. I was instantly curious so I looked him up on Facebook and messaged him. Then I had a listen on YouTube. I LOVED it. Pure jazz guitar, and my album was dying for it! I launched some dialogue with him about the “Yule Be Lovin’ This!” album and Martin was instantly engaged. The rest is history. I am SO happy to have Martin onboard for this project, and his talent definitely adds a wonderful layer to several of the tracks including “Christmas Time Is Here” and “My Favorite Things”. Simply a terrific, virtual collaboration. Technology can indeed be wonderful.

Influenced by his parents, he began playing guitar at the age of 10 , and finished classical guitar school in Vilnius, Lithuania by the age of 18. The same year started studying engineering in the VGTU in Vilnius, but made a choice on starting a music career and finished his studies in Prince Claus Conservatory, Groningen.

His main teachers were Joachim Schoenecker, Frank Wingold, Jonathan Kreisberg and Paul Bollenback. Aslo he had a chance to study with great jazz players in residency of the conservatory and by various masterclasses around The Netherlands, including Peter Bernstein, Lage Lund, Don Braden, Tim Armacost, Alex Sipiagin, Adam Nussbaum, David Berkman to name a few.

Welcome Martin!

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